Every Unit in the game is a member of a Tribe. There are 4 Tribes in the game.

Tribal Weaknesses

Each tribe has a counter that is recommended within the game. The pattern for this is as follows:

Orc > Human > Elf > Undead > Orc

Senior Immunities

Senior units within a tribe gain an additional immunity to a specific crowd control mechanic depending on ther tribe.

Secret Skills

Each race has an associated secret skill which can be unlocked and upgraded for gems in the Shop->Premium tab of the game. At the base level the skill requires members of the Tribe in the active team to work, at the top level this requirement is unneeded. The 4 kills are:

  • Undead - Units may instantly revive upon death.
  • Human - Automatically completes a random quest.
  • Orc : Reduces Active Skill cooldowns.
  • Elf : Chance to skip stages