General Strategy Tips

When you sell a unit to the time shop you get all of your medals back; likewise, if you have a full team of 12 units and buy another unit, that unit will go immediately to the time shop and your medals will be immediately refunded. It is highly recommended to buy all units that are available for purchase with medals so they get sent to the time shop. There are multiple benefits of doing this: the achievement "Master of Induction" will reward you with gems as you accumulate units, you can use the units you buy as trans materials to get stronger heroes, they can be used in the Tower of Trial , and they can also be used in Outland Battle as supports. The time shop, which is essential, can be unlocked in the premium shop for 10 gems. All of those units you bought and sold over the course of the game will be available to purchase at your leisure, even if you bought them before you had the time shop unlocked (it is impossible to really delete a unit and trans levels are preserved in the time shop).

To get the best team, it's also highly recommended to make a team with only one race with some exceptions (Priests)!

Tribe Undead Orc Human Elf
Core (Physical, Magic) Dark Admiral/Medusa, Lich/Incubus Naga, Wyvern Rider/Ice Spirit Valkyrie/Pilot/HBX, Steam Punk/Fire Mage/Gunner

Sylphid/Hoyden Goku, Druid/Sword Dancer/Alchemist


Supports Liches, Succubi, Incubi, Priests(4) Nagas, Ice Spirits, Battle Drummers, Priests(4) Valkyries, Steam Punks, Priests(4)

Sylphids, Alchemists, Priests(4)

Hippogriffs and 4 Priests

Other Possibly Valk replacing a Priest

Possibly up to one each of Valk and SD, replacing Sylph/Alch evenly.

Trade a Hippogriff for a Fairy 

Find a Guild as soon as possible, you can save up guild and raid coins to purchase units, artifacts or pet fragments. You should really only buy pet fragements though, since units and artifacts will come as you continue to play the game.

Recommended Utility Units



Best support in the game; buff makes your runs 2.5x - 5x faster.


Boosts gold income so you can make your units stronger.

AOE* pushback proven to help with gaining levels.

Druid Works well with Hippogriff, has an AOE like Aladdin

Fast moving, high damage rusher - stuns enemies and has an incredible buff

Dark Archer

Start at a higher stage after revival, saves time

Battle Drummer All around support, boosts medals you earn.
Fairy Extra chance to skip a stage every time you beat one.

Extra chance to skip a stage and a chance to skip two stages instead of one

  • Area of Effect


FIrst of all, you need to pick a main race (Human/Elf/Undead/Orc).

If you've done that, you should purchase all artifacts since you will need them all eventually.

Not all artifacts are available in the artifact shop, some are only available through artifact tickets and the guild and honor shops.

Try to use artifacts that will boost the race of your team or your gold acquisition/expenditure

Gem Purchases

Time Shop Allows you to purchase any unit you ever sold (even the ones before you purchased the Shop of Time). This becomes necessary when you need to change up your team (for example when the daily dungeon changes). These are also the units that will be used in the Tower of Trial.

Unlock Shop of Time as soon as possible.

Medal Buff Increase medal acquisition during revival by 10% for each level of the buff. More medals -> better enhance levels -> higher stages -> etc. You get the idea.

Try to max medal buff as soon as possible. (max cap. level 30)

Dungeon Material Collector Increases the amount of dungeon material you gain when you defeat a dungeon boss.

Trans Tickets

Do not use these until you have a plan for them! You may regret spending your precious trans tickets on random units or core units that you don't end up using. Figure out what your core is going to be, then you can use 6 trans tickets for each of your two core units to get them to T3 (12 total tickets). Then you'll need 24 more trans tickets to spend on one of each of the instructor units (Hot-Blooded Xuanzhang, Hoyden Goku, Dark Admiral, and Raptor Rider) so you can unlock upgraded supports in guild war/raid.

These are very valuable, so do some more research and spend them wisely.