The Skeleton Warrior is a vital unit for Tower of Trials and Spirit Highlands. When seniored and transcended it has a similar damage output to many 6* units allowing it to quickly kill a large amount of units.

Additionally, it is often used by people wanting to clear stage 17+ in Outland Battle, with some people transcending 20 of them for this purpose. This is however a very expensive investment for relatively small gain.

Pet Couple (Eye Bye)

Unit Abilities (Senior)

  • General Attack : Make 2 consecutive short distance physical attacks
  • Skill Attack : With 1.5 timesenhanced attack power, make 8 consecutive attacks, become transparent for a certain amount of time and nullify ranged attacks from distant enemies. Enemies attacked 8 in a row will be slowed down in their movement and attack speed for a certain amount of time
  • Special Ability : None

Unit Skills

Level Skill Base Senior
25 Own Defense Power Increased 22% 28%
50 Own Revival Time Decreased 3% 6%
100 Gold Gain Increased during the battle 21% 24%
200 Own HP Increased 36% 46%
300 Own Defense Power Increased 22% 28%
500 Own HP Increased 36% 46%
700 A chance to block melee attack increased 2% 5%
900 Own Defense Power Increased 22% 28%
1100 Own Defense Power Increased 50% 100%
1200 Own Defense Power Increased 100% 200%
1300 Own HP Increased 100% 300%
1500 Own HP Increased N/A 3.00a%
1600 Melee units' Defense Power Increased N/A 2.00a%
1700 Melee units' Critical Strike Damage Increased N/A 2.90a%

Italic rows are common Support Breakpoints.