The Priest's special ability increases the Game Speed to 5x, the fastest available amount. While each activation only lasts for 2 minutes it can continue to reactivate during this time to restart the time at 2 minutes. Keeping this skill activated 100% of the time is vital to fast revives.

Standard Activation (No Icy Pet)

When a Stage ending in 0 is cleared, every Priest in the primary team increases the chance of activating the 5x speed buff for 2 minutes:

  • 5* Priest - 2%
  • 6* Priest - 5%

Depending on current game speed an activation rate of between 20% and 30% (4 - 6 Senior Priests) will normally allow the skill to remain active constantly.

Activation with Icy

Once Icy has reached 5* the 5x speed can be activated by units in the Time Shop allowing the removal of priests from the main team.. At the following rates:

  • 5* Priest - 1%
  • 6* Priest - 2.5%

The maximum rate from the Time Shop is 30%. As without the best, with a high game speed a 20% rate is normally enough to keep 5x speed constantly.

If the player is lacking enough priests to keep 5x speed with all Priests in the Time Shop, some can be added back into the main team until a balance is found where the 5x speed is constantly active.