Lich is a floating ranged, Undead unit released as part of the 5th Honor rotation. Can be used as a core (weaker than Dark Spirit) or support unit.

The passive ability of Spirit Awakening can useful early on while Gold Level limit is quite low. However later game when Pet Points number in the thousands, it is not as important.

Pet Couple (Cora)

  • When first appearing, movement speed and attack speed of allies increase significantly for a certain period of time.
  • Basic game speed increases by 3%.
  • Movement speed, attack speed, and attack range of all units increase by 4%.
  • normal attacks hit up to 5 enemies simultaneously and paralyze enemies for a little longer.
  • Immune to stun.
  • Spirit awakening limit break: Spirit awakening max increases by 5 per Senior Lych. (However, this value cannot exceed 25.)

Unit Abilities (Senior)

  • General Attack : Attacks up to 4 enemy units at once and paralyzes them for a certain period of time with a lightning-infused magic chain.
  • Skill Attack : Deals a great amount of damage to ground units and blows them away in the air by summoning a terrifying chain from the sky. ( Blow attack )
  • Special Ability 1 : Since the body is floating slightly above the ground, it is unaffected by the vine attack of druids who attack from the ground.
  • Special Ability 2 : Increases the basic speed of the game by 5%. ( If double speed is applied, the game speed increases by 2.1x cumulatively )
  • Special Ability 3 : Increases the critical damage and critical hit rate of all units by 5%.
  • Spirit Awakening : Maximum level-up increases by 10 for all units. ( [Spirit Awakening] is cumulative, but the maximum level-up for units cannot increase more than +100. Can also be activated in the Time Shop. )

Unit Skills

Level Skill Basic Senior
25 Undead Attack Power 20% 27%
50 Undead HP 30% 50%
100 Undead Move Speed 1% 3%
200 Undead Critical Strike Damage 40% 70%
300 Undead Attack Range 1% 2%
500 Undead Move Speed 1% 3%
700 Undead Defense Power 22% 30%
900 Undead Attack Power 20% 27%
1100 Undead Critical Strike Damage 40% 70%
1200 Own Attack Range 1% 2%
1300 Undead Critical Strike Damage 300% 600%
1400 Undead Critical Strike Damage 550% 1.1a%
1500 Undead Critical Strike Damage 2.6a% 5.2a%
1600 Undead Critical Strike Damage N/A 27a%
1700 Undead Attack Speed N/A 2%
1800 Undead Attack Power N/A 440a%
1900 Undead Attack Power N/A 1.1b%
2000 Undead Attack Power N/A 4.1b%

Italic rows are common Support Breakpoints.