Golem is a walking melee, Human unit released with the original version of the game. It is a poor main team unit but is frequently used in the Tower of Trials, Spirit Highlands, and Guild Wars.

Pet Couple (Mambo)

  • When HP is under 30%, immune against all decrease skills (frost, druid vine, Lich paralyze, etc.).
  • Move quickly (dash) to the first attack target and engage in battle quickly.
  • Increase HP and defense of all units by 10%.

Unit Abilities

  • General Attack: Splash damage enemies that are close to the target, the target will be 100% stunned, surrounding units will be randomly stunned.
  • Skill Attack: Cast an immune to physical attacks shield, stun the target with 100% chance while dealing double damage.
  • Special Ability 1: Never pass out (Immune to Stun)
  • Special Ability 2: While being attacked, a shield defending 99%

Unit Skills

Level Skill Base Senior
25 Own HP Increased 46% 61%
50 Gold Gain Increased during the battle 24% 28%
100 Mid-air units attack yourself 100% 100%
200 Own Defense Power Increased 28% 37%
300 Own Attack Power Increased 23% 31%
500 Own Critical Strike Damage Increased 70% 95%
700 A chance to block melee attack increased 5% 9%
900 Own HP Increased 46% 61%
1100 Own Defense Power Increased 300% 300%
1200 Own HP Increased 500% 1.00a%
1300 All units' Defense Power Increased 200% 500%
1500 All units' HP Increased 10.00a% 20.00a%
1600 One's(Own) Tribe's HP Increased N/A 300.00a%
1700 Melee units' Attack Power Increased N/A 120.00a%
1800 Melee units' Defense Power Increased N/A 240.00a%
1900 All units' HP Increased N/A 5.40b%
2000 One's(Own) Tribe's Attack Power Increased N/A 4.00b%

Italic rows are common Support Breakpoints.