Frost Demon is a walking melee Orc unit released as part of the 9th Honor rotation. A powerful unit in itself, with the ability to resurrect repeatedly gaining strength each time, it also provides some incredibly powerful passive buffs.

Pet Couple (Bamba)

With Bamba at 5* the unit becomes stronger and allows Tribe Fortification to apply from the Time Shop, greatly enhancing the Orc Tribe as a stage pushing team.

Unit Abilities

  • Normal Attack: Swing a giant sword to blow away multiple enemies and freeze them by throwing ice lance. Also regenerate a small portion of the HP.
  • Skill Attack: Summon multiple ice pillars to attack enemies and freeze them.
  • Special Ability 1: Increases the basic speed of the game by 4% (8%), and increase movement speed of Undead and Orc units by 2% (5%), and their attack range by 3% (6%).
  • Special Ability 2: Appear near the enemy when first appearing and casts buff to increase the caster's movement speed and attack speed.
  • Special Ability 3: Unaffected by terrain above stage 10,000 and become immune to freezing, and paralysis.
  • Special Ability 4: Instantly move to first enemy (dash).
  • Special Ability 5: Revive with 60% of the HP after death. 5 star revives 1 time, 6 star revives 2 times, T1 revives 3 times, T2 revives 4 times and T3 revives 5 times. HP, attack and defense increase by 250% on each revive within the same stage. On the 5th revival attack, defense and HP are increased about 100 times.
  • Dimensional Binding 2 (Orc and Undead): Increase the attack speed, movement speed and critical damage of Orc and Undead units in the Outland Battle by 5% (10%). Maximum 150%, applies from Time Shop.
  • Tribe Fortification (Orc): Increases Orc unit's ability (Attack, defense, HP) by 7 (15) levels. Increase Undead unit's ability by 4 (8) levels. Maximum 150, NOT applied from Time Shop.
  • Enhance Active Skills: Increases the efficiency of The Explosion Shaking Heaven and Earth, Tower of Babel and Skyward Sword by 20 (40) Stages. (Not Applied from Time Shop).

Unit Skills

Frost Demon/Skills

Italic rows are common Support Breakpoints.